Lilium Advisors provides enterprise-grade financial models, market research, and pitch decks to small and midsize companies around the world.

Our consultants are qualified to ACA and CFA standards, and our services are used to support internal decision making, business development, and corporate transactions.
Financial modelling
Custom-built financial models
Our custom-built financial models help convert ideas into numbers, and help start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business owners make key decisions.

Our financial models:
  • provide credibility to start-up business plans and assist with securing investment from external parties
  • help entrepreneurs evaluate business ideas and compare the prospective rates of return from different potential investments
  • enable business owners to understand their businesses better so they can grow profits
Our financial models are integrated three-statement models: profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow. These are built bottom-up without using templates and incorporate multiple sensitivity scenarios with assumptions that can be flexed. They are structured in a logical manner, are easy to follow, and are formatted according to best practice.

Financial models for specialist sectors
Each industry and business has its own drivers of profitability and performance. We build financial models for e-commerce, real estate, and mining.

Review and audit of financial models
Sometimes a financial model requires a review with a fresh pair of eyes. If you already have a financial model but would like it to be independently reviewed, our 'financial model review and audit' service checks for potential issues including formatting errors or inconsistencies as well as possible formulae errors.

Financial modelling support and customised training on demand
If you are new to financial modelling and have a question, or you would like some training, we provide bespoke virtual training programmes and can be on call to support your modelling project.

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Market research
Assumptions used in financial models
A financial model is only as good as the assumptions used within it. Market research helps provide informed data such as market size, consumer demand, pricing, and other metrics. We are experienced in undertaking secondary research of publicly available information to assist you in selecting assumptions for your model for scenario analysis.

Market and competition analysis
Investors review hundreds if not thousands of pitch decks, and including a comprehensive review of the market and competition is a good way of standing out. We can undertake both market and competition research, providing both quantitative and qualitative analysis to illustrate how your idea or business will fit into the market and be profitable.

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Pitch decks
Data visualisation
Data visualisation or 'the graphical display of quantitative information' can make a huge difference to the intelligibility of a pitch deck or a slide's message. We are experienced in interpreting data and presenting it in a meaningful and easy-to-read dashboard ready for insertion into a presentation to potential investor or client.

Pitch decks
We assist in drafting pitch presentations to potential investors and clients. Our preferred house style is to use a mixture of diagrams and graphical elements combined with as few words as possible (though as many as are necessary) to convey the message simply and clearly.

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Specialist financial models
for e-commerce
The e-commerce sector is now mainstream and evolving fast, and understanding a businesses' specific drivers of return is more critical than ever before. Whether you are selling direct to consumer or business to business, creating an online marketplace or selling on one, a start-up or a mature company, we can help you build a financial model to analyse various scenarios. We take the time to understand the underlying forces that drive your business to build a three-statement dynamic model. Along with the model, we create charts and graphs to display the output and monitor the classic key performance indicators specific to e-commerce such as customer lifetime value and lifetime value to customer acquisition cost ratio, as well as more traditional financial indicators like revenue, gross profit margin, and enterprise value to EBITDA ratio.

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Specialist financial models
for real estate
The models we build enable the economic feasibility of real estate projects to be properly assessed. We start from the basics of cost, construction and loans and convert them into cashflows to evaluate how much the development would be worth, the internal rate of return of the project and returns and cashflow waterfalls for different investor types. Our models have the flexibility to analyse the effect different timelines have on the development's worth, the effect different levels of loans have on the internal rate of return of the project and for each investor type. Along with the model, we create charts and graphs to display the output and pro format that can be used in pitch and marketing documents.

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Specialist financial models
for mining
The specialist modelling of mining assets to produce a net present value analysis can be complex. Our models can accommodate feasibility studies, geological information, engineering studies, as well as more easily available data from production operations. We can build a model from the start of construction all the way to the end of the mine life and discount all cashflows back to the present day to estimate the enterprise's value. Although operating mines that have a detailed study are in some ways easier to model since more information is available, we are equally comfortable producing models for earlier stage projects where far less data is available.

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